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Canadian Memory Championships

Chair of the Canadian Memory Championships

Simon started the Canadian Memory Championships in 2012 because he felt he was improving his memory skills and he thought that Canada should have a Memory Champion. In 2016, under his leadership, the Canadian Memory Championships was held in Montreal. In addition, there was an increase in the number of Memory Disciplines with the addition of Names and Faces and Speed Numbers. Memory sports are growing in Canada and 2016 has seen more participants in the sport than in any previous year.

On the site of the Canadian Memory Championships:

Simon's biography page and on a memory forum, art of memory: Simon Luisi

The Directional Memory Method Inventor

Simon has invented a memory system that is quite unique. You can find more on his method and on how it is still evolving at which is listed somewhere below. Just look for the thread: Less L. Memorization method.

To memorize a card or a set of two cards, mnemonics use an image to represent the card or the set. They then place this image in a locus. With the directional method, each card to memorize is associated not with an image but with a set of directions that leads you to an image that is already installed in the locus. The method is complex and is still under development. Simon has achieved in training memorization times that are competitive using this method.

Simon has built nearly all his images based on the Major System. This system associates consonants with a numbers (0-9). A set of 2 numbers is then translated into a set of 2 consonants and these 2 consonants are then used to form a word that brings an image to mind. Simon believes that the art of improving these set of images is at the heart of improving one's memory skills.

Less L memory system
Memory palace system
Mnemonic system diagram

The above give a good visual idea as to how the directional method works to memorize 50 playing cards. (No details are provided here for the remaining two cards.) However, the method does get more complicated than this but an ability to use this system efficiently as is described here is very much needed to understand the changes needed to improve upon this method. These last changes only involves lining up cards directly if the previous card is of the same suit, and the changes affect only diamond and club cards. Doing this involves a greater use of the working memory as we go along in the loci and thus provides a stronger memorization. The details of these last changes shall be provided later.

Memory system

A Different Perspective on Memory Skills

Whereas most people would view memory techniques as a means to memorize quickly something that someone needs to memorize, Simon thinks that memory techniques are best used from the perspective of finding a way to raise one's self-esteem. Simon feels that believing to have a bad memory will affect negatively one's self-esteem and that the best way to put this belief to rest is simply to keep training one's memory.

About this website

The author of the text on this web site is Simon Luisi himself. So, I could talk to you directly like this about myself like this but I feel that on a website about Simon Luisi, the use of the 3rd person is more suitable. I could be wrong. Simon does not know.

The Environment

Simon thinks that people in general could do more for the environment. And he believes one of the easiest thing to do for the environment is to go vegan. He also believes that it is important to live in harmony with other living being and not to behave in ways that involve cruelty. Since there are rarely political candidates that he can vote for that support his views, he feels he has to run himself in elections with small parties who share his values. Simon was the first ever male candidate to run for an animal protection party in America in 2008. Simon currently supports Bill C-246, a bill that would update Canada's antiquated Animal Protections Laws.

Public Speaking

Simon is a former Toastmaster. He was the Queen's Park Public Speaking Club President for 2 years. He has achieved the Toastmasters Gold Communication Award.

Business Owner

To pay the bills, Simon works as a courier. Early in 2013, the Toronto courier company he worked for decided to close the business. Simon saw this as an opportunity and started his own courier company, Simon The Courier, to take care of the clients that he was already serving anyway. Simon very much enjoys running his own business and looks forward to giving his downtown Toronto clients a great service! You can reach him at


Simon has worked on many campaigns with other activists. This include support for Democratic Reforms for fairer elections. More recently Simon has worked on a local petition to protect our local population of Double-Crested Cormorants in Ontario against a private member's bill that would have removed all protection for this vulnerable waterbird, Bill 205

Photo of a double crested cormorant
Photo of a double crested cormorant by Simon Luisi


Here are some of the Canadian Memory Champions of past years,

Here is a link to news about the upcoming Canadian Memory Championships which he is organizing along with a group of volunteers:

Les athlètes de la mémoire

According to Simon, the best way to communicate to the memory community at large is through the Art of Memory website:

It is on this website that the first announcement was made to have the Canadian Memory Championships in 2012.

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Simon also has a passion for politics for the environment and the animals

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*Across the world there are at least two Simon Luisi. One of them lives in central Africa, Congo, formerly Zaire, and the other lives in North America, Canada, Toronto.

This site provides information about the Canadian Simon Luisi, who lives in Toronto.